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This is a BIG site- you won't need everything on this site- but it's one of the most comprehensive ICT sites there is.

BBC Bitesize

This site covers GCSE ICT - noy the IGCSE, nertheless there are some good resources here. Just make sure the topic is on the syllabus. 

Online Video

You Tube is a good tool for learning the practical side of ICT, but the screen resolution often makes it hard to see what is going on. Blinkx is a video search engine which can help you find better quality content, such that on Vimeo  . As part of the course you will be making more instructional videos using higher quality screen recording software such as Screenr .  

ICT Sites on Shambles

More ICT sites

 "GCSE, GCSE ICT section is loaded with revision notes, interactive quizzes, revision worksheets, crosswords, Mind maps, specimen question papers, syllabus gap fills and lot of other free resources. Teachers and students will find subject specific resources which have been prepared keeping in mind the requirements of IGCSE and GCSE curriclum across the globe. Revision notes are to the point and exam practise questions give thorough practise to students and assess their skills on various aspects of the ICT curriculum"

Useful Sites

This is a really clear and up-to-date site that deals especially with IGCSE CIE. If you get stuck with theory this is a good place to visit. It includes good tips on answering questions in the examination, There are also Google docs versions of the Syllabus for each year


This site has lots of video tutorials, but the ones for a Dreamweaver 8 are particularly good.


A nice site from Conyers School, Again, it focuses on the GCSE not the IGCSE, It includes a podcasts section.

Found a good ICT site?

Share it with the rest of the class on Edmodo.or on the ICT IGCSE bookmarks site

Video Section

TED Talk  - Touchscreens of the future

Here Jeff Han demos a cool new touchscreen. If you like this check out the TED talks website. Or subscribe the their twitter feed@TEDNews | @TEDTalks to get the latest talks. Some of the talks have Thai translations. eg วิลเลี่ยม คัมแควมบ้า: สร้างกังหันจากกองขยะ