Teacher Training Sessions

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Training videos for Eportal and Facility, and a task sheet if you are getting started using Serco


It looks like Facebook, but it's actually one of the best online tools for handling homework online. No need to issue passwords and usernames. It doesn't quite mark homework for you- but almost. Use as a communication tool, no need for a database of email addresses.  


Using Google forms -
Can be used for collecting information from students, you can also use them to set online homework tasks.


Want to collaborate with other staff members on tasks? Want to get students working on collaborative online tasks? Wikis are a great way to do this.  

Online Stickies

These are online noticeboards, Using Linoit and Wallwisher students can post comments and feedback on what they have learned.

RSS Readers

Keep up to date with your sports team with news feed readers. Use in conjunction with homework blogs and collate all homework submissions on one page. Google reader, Pageflakes and Netvibes.

Social Bookmarking

Saving and sharing your bookmarked sites helps you to go back to interesting websites and find others from people with similar interests.. Try out Delicious and Diigo

Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom

Using a Nintendo Wiimote and an infra-red pen you can create your own interactive whiteboard. It's a bit tricky to set up- I'm almost there- just need to get that projector on a movable rail.


Moodle is an online course management system. With a Moodle you can upload resources for students to work on online from home. Assignments can be set and marked online. It has a lot more flexibility than other online courseware, such as Edmodo, but will require more time to set up.