Homework 4

If you completed the last homework please upload it to Edmodo.

Homework 3

Find the prices, sizes of 3 different desks and 3 differnt chairs for your ICT room .
Put the information in a table or spreadsheet: Bring your work to class ona thumb drive.
Save pictures of your furniture



Logon to Edmodo the and join the class code is ouzylb Follwo the insrtuctions for Homework Week 3 - Printers and Scanner

Classwork for 27th Oct 2010

Continue working on your ICT Room project .
The instructions are at Y:\ICT Read Only Resources 100626\Year 9\Classroom Model\Instructions - Changing rooms Presentation 080910 Using Google Sketchup
Data should be complete -
Create Dropdown boxes
Create Vlookups
Calculate total cost (you can choose which items you use)
Prepare a presentation