ICT help

Report a New Fault    http://bit.ly/ReportICTFault
Please complete this form for any new faults. Faults are dealt with in priority order. To view the fault list you need to request access using the link shown on the form.

Network Drive Access    http://bit.ly/DriveAccess
Problems with your H: drive, Y: Z: drive? Can't see your files? Please complete this form to log your problems.

Passwords and Usernames

Network Password Reset Form    http://bit.ly/ResetMyPassword  
Forgotten your password?- Never been given a username or password?- Please use this form, you password will be reset

Want to change your password? - Press CTL-ALT and DEL- then select change password


Which printer should I use?
In The Large ICT Room the printer is an HP Laserjet ICT1
In the small ICT room the printer is HP Laserjet ICT3

Can I print in colour?
Students may not print in colour. There are two colour laserjet printers in the ICT rooms. Departments wishing to use the colour printers should buy their own toner catridges.

Where can I scan documents? - There is an A4 scanner in ICT1 next to the printer. Ensure you are sitting on the PC to the right, Insert you A4 sheet and press scan on the scanner. the scanning program will open on the PC allowing you to save the file as a pdf document.

Network Drives
I can't see all my network drives

Usually logging off and on again solves this problem if not please complete the fault form above with your name 

Software Faults
Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, Excel has stopped working - report this as a fault, in the meantime use Open Office - available on all ICT room PCs. Software can be dowloaded from the web or if you are in a hurry there is a copy of the installation file on the Y drive- ICT read only - Program files

I have a Mac computer and I want to send work to my teacher
If you are using a word processing program such as Mac Pages or MS Office 2010- always save your work as an .rtf file then you will be able to open it on most computers. This web page shows how to convert spreadsheet files so they can be used with Mac Numbers spreadsheet program

My computer does not have Office 2007
Report this as a fault -One Solution is to download Word viewer 2007 and open the .docx file with it. There are also tools to handle Excel and PowerPoint.