7ICTYGY Monday Afternoon

9th February 2011

Homework Term 2 - Internet 2 (Set 24th January)

Using the internet find a story of someone who had bad luck when they used the internet and one story  of someone who had good luck when they used the internet. Save or write down the web addresses and bring to class.

Homework Term 2- HWK 1

1. Make sure you have completed the Microsoft Word Presentation
2. On paper or computer, write two sentences to explain why it is sometimes better to use a spreadsheet than a word-processed document to calculate things.

Homework 9 - for first week of Term 2

1. Go to http://www.kidsmart.org.uk/ , On paper write 5 tips to help you use the internet safely.
2. Finish your powerpoint on using Microsoft Word

22nd November for 29th

There is no ICT homework for this week

Homework 8

Complete the worksheet Year 7: Word Processing 
1.      Write down the steps you need to insert a footer onto your document.
2  Write down the steps required to save your work.
1.     1.      
What are autoshapes?

1.      Why use Find and Replace?  How would you use these functions?

Who uses word processing?

1.      What can word processing do?

Year 7: Word Processing 

Homework 7

Explain why it is useful for students to learn how to use word prcoessing software. (50 words or more)

Homework 6

Use the internet to find 4 videos that can help you to learn Microsoft Word Youtube
Copy the links – Explain in words what the video shows Eg Margins, Tables, Fonts,

Save on a thumb drive and bring to school.

Half Term Homework

There is no homework for Half term- After half term we will be revising Word Processing.

Homework 4

List the names of 4 programs that you can use on a computer. Explain what each program does. Save your work on a thumb drive and bring to class.

Homework Week 3

Here is your ICT Homework for this week
Find two different websites that sell computer monitors. On each site find the prices of two different monitors. For each Monitor write down the name of the website, the name of the monitor (or copy) and the prices 

Example 1
Website - http://www.viewsonic.com/products/desktop-monitors/lcd/x-series/vx1932wm.htm
Name of monitor - ViewSonic VP930b
Size: 19 inch
Price US $189

Save your homework on a thumb drive and bring to class.